Monday, February 25, 2013

The most "Indecisive Girl" award goes to...

I don't know why... but every time when it comes to making decisions... I change my mind, almost all the time.

I blame my horoscope :x
I am a Gemini.

Going to make a short announcement---
I am moving to ---> My New Blog! (FINAL--- please?)

Honto ni gomen...

So--- this is my last blog post--- after typing up a long blog on I to Z

See you at my new home---

Thank you~

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hello all!

I am back again--- and this time--- I will definitely STAY on this blog address. Thank you so much to my dear fans, who followed me like the wind---

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Okies... that was rather lame but--- I have to say--- I changed so much over the course of 3 months. I blame Taiwan--- Taiwan turned me into a much happier person than I was before. 

Before I continue rambling on I want to wish you all a Happy Belated CNY (Chinese New Year) and Happy Belated Valentines.

One of my top New Year's Resolution is to... *drum rolls*
Blog weekly (Heck! Even daily! Provided that I have the patience to upload all those photos...)

Which reminds me of this picture:

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Okies... that was not very true... it should be... something along the lines of:
"I don't blog often
But when I do, It's once in a blue moon"

True story.

Now I shall get to the high light of this first meaningful blog post 2nd  blog post of 2013.

I went to I to Z with my relatives. (Taiwan)

甜蜜分享 - Sharing the sweetness

My first impression of the overall restaurant was-- "Zomg~ This place is so beautiful!"
The restaurant had an European/Parisian setting. Everything was rather romantic and obviously BEAUTIFUL. I would totally love to go there again.

Sakura trees everywhere. European street lights and hanging lights. Lovely picture on the menu. I like.

We were greeted by lovely waitresses dressed in really cute skirts with a matching chiffon tops. Everything they wore were of pastel colours. I like. (I was too shy to ask if I could take a photo of them--- It might have even made me look like a freak-- //sobs//)

What was really awesome about this coffee shop/restaurant was that they displayed the "Valentines Table" out in the opening, great advertisement I say!

Cute and romantic. What was even more nice about this table-for-two was that each chair had either "Miss" or "Mr" hanging at the back. Double points for the effort and deco idea. (Sorry... I forgot to take a picture of the chairs to illustrate)

So... my relatives and I happily sat down at our 10 persons (Or must I say "people" here? //confused//) table and we started ordering our meals. The restaurant's specialties are pasta and Rice with Cheese... (What is the actual thing called? //inexperienced chef// or //clueless eater//).

Majority of us ordered pasta and 2 of us ordered the baked rice--- //slaps self for the name changings---//
We also ordered drinks, starters and desserts. Yes. The dessert was the reason why we came to this restaurant. DESSERT.

While we sat there and waited for our food to arrive we all started roaming. My 2 aunts and my uncle were roaming on the internet---

While my sister and cousins went to the bathroom. I sat alone with my mother chatting away about random things until my sister and cousins arrived back to inform me of the glamorous bathroom. 

Sorry--- I forgot to edit this photo individually--- But--- It looks pretty, does it not? This is actually the  "waiting room"... // i don't know what to call this room--- the lounge before the restroom?//
Finding the door to the "Pre-restroom" would be a mission to those who aren't very observant--- (Like myself--) Since the door has the same wallpaper as the walls. I shall call this... the secret bathroom.

A collage of all the beautiful decorations! The shelves had the cutest teddy bears~ (You can see a part of the "Secret door" in the top picture--)

I shall now--- paste all the food that we ordered that night---

The mushroom salad and chicken salad. ZOMG. The mushroom salad was absolutely DELICIOUS! The sauce was tantalizing, the lettuces were so crisps and the serving of mushrooms were so generous! (I think the chef gave us a huge bowl full of mushrooms T_T. Thank you chefs, we loved the mushroom salad~ ((I didn't eat the chicken salad--- but my aunt said it was good.))
We had pumpkin soup! It has been a while since I had Western soup and at first I was skeptical  and hesitant  to  drink this soup because I was like "... I bet this will taste bad because--- It will definitely have a wierd taste because they made the soup to suit the tastes of the asians---" *took a sip* and then I was like--- "ZOMG! I like! *finishes a bowl by myself //forgot to share with my sister--- luckily she doesn't like pumpkins. A win for me//
A vegan Mushroom pasta. My mommy liked it and my sister loved it.  This is my first time seeing a vegan meal having equivalent vegetables to carbohydrates! (Normally... and most of the time... I see a plateful of... spaghetti, a huge dallop of sauce and--- scarce veggies. //True story//) *My level of desire to come to this restaurant again: EPIC*

My 2 cousins shared this. Looks so good but the problem was that--- I had to eat the whole thing myself because it turned out to be spicy/hot pasta (Their Menu didn't state anything about this seafood pasta to be spicy). I ate the whole thing, BY MYSELF, and I recommend this to all those who do love spicy food. I would totally order this again the next time I go--- Why? Because they give you A LOT of calamari rings! 

This is the baked rice! I exchanged this seafood baked rice  with the above pasta--- because this was not spicy--- so my cousins could eat it--- Once again--- the serving of seafood hidden underneath the bountiful cheese is abundant. (My cousins don't like eating calamari rings so I ate them! I was so happy that day--- //labels self as the calamari princess--- slapped//)

My Aunt and Uncle ordered this... chicken spaghetti~ Looks yummy and it's spicy and this dish DID have the label "spicy" in it's name.  // i don't have much to caption about this meal since I didn't have a taste of it---//

Some of us ordered this "Berry" tea. I loved this because it tastes slightly sour and had a "berry" aromatic fragrance. My sister had to add two tiny jug of honey into her ONE cup of this tea ^^

LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TEACUPS!  I am totally loving I to Z~ 

My uncle was the only who ordered something other than tea. He ordered coffee. It made me want to exchange my tea with him--- T_T ((I am totally going to order this next time!)) You can create the perfect coffee for yourself by mixing the amount of milk-to-coffee ratio to your liking AND you can add in a cute marshmallow or dallop of cream with choc chips to sweeten it.

Yes yes yes. The highlight of the day! The dessert! Look at all those strawberries and blue berries!  You must order this when you go to I to Z!

This one was--- "Ok". The fruits were really good but--- I still prefer the strawberry-ice cream-toast more---
After desserts, the waitresses gave each of us a heart. It's a "wish-list" for 2013.
How thoughtful~ <3 ((I wrote down a lot of wish-- And I hope that they will be granted ~))

I went and hung up everyone's "wishing-heart" by the tree~ This is the most thoughtful and kind-hearted restaurant that I've ever been to.
Thank you I to Z. I shall definitely come back again~ 

Thank you all for reading this fairly long blog. Stay tuned for a next post on... food... (In Taiwan).

QUICKLY GO LIKE THEIR PAGE ON FACEBOOK! (Just type in I to Z in the search list)
GO EAT THERE TODAY! TOMORROW! WHENEVER!臺南市東區中華東路三段318號(文化中心旁), Tainan, Taiwan 701

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hello my fellow readers~

I have moved to a new place~
It is

See you there!

Happy belated New Year to you all!

Okies... I lied--- I like this place more--

//slaps self//